SERVICES:  S T Y L I N G   +   S T A G I N G

Lydia Springer Designs is pleased to offer you our Styling and Staging Services. We are here to help you make your space look just right, whether it's for your own personal enjoyment or you're trying to sell your house. 

With extensive knowledge in finishes, textures, colour theory, and more,

Lydia has the eye for knowing how to style your space just right.

Please fill out THIS FORM with your needs and we'll get back to you!

However, we are more than happy to help anyone around the world remotely! We'll take a look at images of your home and provide suggestions (and even sketches or 3D renderings) of how to enhance the space.

Please visit our E-Design services page for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of high and fluctuating gas prices, there is a small fee for distance travelled, meaning from my home location to AND from the meeting point (round trip).

The fee is calculated at $1 per KM travelled, example:

Callander = 17 KM x $1 x 2 = $34 for round trip

Redbridge = 49 KM x $1 x 2 = $98 for round trip

If you would prefer to meet somewhere closer than your house, such as in Callander or North Bay, we will gladly accommodate this; however, it may be more difficult to get a feel for your space solely through photos/videos.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to physically work with clients in

the greater North Bay area:

— Nipissing Beach and Nipissing area

— Callander

— Astorville

— Powassan

— Nosbonsing

— North Bay

— Trout Lake area

— Bonfield and Redbridge area

(arranged from shortest to furthest distance from my home location)

S T Y L I N G   +   S T A G I N G