• lydiaspringer

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Workplace Wellness



1. Plan your outfit the night before, and gather everything you'll need to bring with you in the morning (pack your snacks and lunch, purse or bag, work, etc). so you aren't rushing around in the morning.

2. Take a few minutes each morning to plan the day ahead, BUT don't stress out if you don't accomplish everything on your list. Just push it to the next day! (Just make sure you prioritize important/urgent tasks).

3. Know when to say "no" to avoid stress and work overload (not applicable to students - unfortunately, you don't have a choice).

4. Don't be afraid to ask for time off, be it for illness (physical or mental*), personal reasons, or something else. When going through a difficult time, adding stress is the last thing you want to do. Be honest with your superior and they'll (hopefully) be understanding and supportive.

*DO NOT be afraid or shy to be honest/upfront about mental health with your coworkers, superior(s), and teachers. It's hard enough to deal with/manage mental illness, and even harder to do it alone. If you need time off or extra help due to mental health issues, ASK FOR HELP. It may seem intimidating, but asking for help is a huge step in your own mental healthy journey and it's always better to have a strong support system.


1. Schedule/plan short breaks every hour to stand up, stretch, and walk around (and go to the bathroom! holding it in is bad for your body!).

2. Try chair yoga or seated stretching.

3. Practice good posture! Sitting with bad posture can lead to/cause neck and back pain and even poor digestion.

4. If possible, invest in an ergonomic chair or even a standing desk. The price upfront can be $$$ but in the long run, it's worth avoiding pain and permanent damage to your body (which would lead to even more cost for chiropractors, physical therapy, massage, etc).

5. Work in some extra steps whenever possible. If the weather is nice, park farther away from the building (or, if possible, walk to work or school).

6. Take the stairs whenever possible.

7. Use breaks and lunch hours to get fresh air (when the weather is nice). Take a quick walk outside, or just sit and eat your snack/meal outside. Fresh air will make you feel rejuvenated.


1. Bring healthy snacks and meals. Unhealthy foods will make you feel tired and weighed down.

2. Stay hydrated! Bring a big, reusable water bottle that can be refilled as needed.

3. Bring other healthy beverages if you get bored of water.

4. Set daily reminders and goals for drinking enough water (ex: if you drink X amount of water, you can have 1 soda or juice).

Always remember to prioritize your own health and wellness over work and school!