• lydiaspringer

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Small Ways to Start the Day Right

Try to get a good night's rest.

Lay out your clothes and anything else you need for the morning before you go to bed, so you aren't rushing around as you head out the door.

Try not to use an alarm to wake up in the morning, if you can avoid it. Being jolted awake isn't an ideal way to wake up. Invest in an alarm that gently wakes you up by turning on a light/lights.

Nanoleaf is a great brand for smart/custom light systems! It's pricey (depending what package you get, but great if you're into custom lighting). You can customize your own light sequences, set alarms, and arrange the panels however you want. Also great for parties!

Try not to go on your phone right away when you wake up. It's hard to resist, but it's nice to start the day without social media. Instead, sit down with a journal or just relax with a coffee/juice. (But if you're like me, make sure you at least respond to your mom's good morning message)

Take a minute to review your to do list for the day/week ahead.

Set a few small goals to achieve that day.

Have breakfast! Even just a protein bar, a piece of fruit, cereal, or a smoothie is better than nothing.

Have a small glass of water.

Have a coffee or tea! Caffeine in moderation isn't (too) bad for you, but it is dehydrating, so keep drinking water, too.

Even if you're staying home all day, get dressed (even if it's changing from pj's to sweats! we all have those days).

Wash your face! It feels amazing to wash your face in the morning, and it's a gentle way to help wake you up.

Open all the blinds in your house and let the (sun) light in! (Especially if you have plants!)

If you have time, do some morning exercise.

Go for a walk or run, do some stretches, do a quick home workout, or do a full workout at the gym.

While you get ready and/or during your morning commute (if you have one), listen to a motivational podcast or audiobook.

Leave for your day on time (or earlier) so you don't get held up and stressed out.




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