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Hello, it me! I didn't realize it's now been over a month since I last put up a blog post so ... my bad. I just haven't had any inspiration or motivation at all. I've been so frustrated with Wix as a platform and lacking in inspiration, but I'm back (for now)! There's a lot going on right now, so I may not post again for a little while (sorry).


I realized the last time I did a Current Skincare list was last summer, and a handful of the things I use now are different, so I figured why not!

I still mainly use Tarte products because I really want to try and continue using cruelty-free products, and because it's just working really well for my skin.

Now that I've rambled too much, let's just get into it!

I'll be linking all of the products I mention within this post, but you can also find a SHOP section on the home page of my blog. Nothing is sponsored.

products I use everyday

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

Tarte Mermaid Skin Hyaluronic H2O Serum

Tarte Blemish Bully Clearing Gel (also great in the summer if you get breakouts on your chest or back from constantly wearing sunscreen and bug spray)

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (for some reason, I cannot find this on the Canadian website; I linked the UK site so you can see the product - I purchased in-store so maybe they don't offer it online in Canada anymore which is dumb)

most frequently used scrubs and masks

Olehenrisken Transforming Walnut Scrub

✧ Lush Eve's Cherry Lip Scrub (no longer available - I've also really liked the Chocolate one)

La Neige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask

La Neige Lip Sleeping Mask - Original

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask

masks / treatments I use less often

MILK Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask

MILK Watermelon Brightening Face Mask

MILK Cooling Water Eye Patches

Olehenriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask

body skincare routine

Here's everything I use for my "body skincare"

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Body Wash I use this for my chest and back (especially in the summer) because constantly applying sunscreen and bug spray really clogs my pores (mostly on my chest)

Tarte Blemish Bully Clearing Gel As I mentioned previously, I use this for problem areas on my face and it works so well, so I figured why not use it for my chest, too? Anyways, that's it, that's the story. I use it on my chest and it works really well.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Body Butter

tools and other

Tarte Cleansing Cutie Scrubber

Hansderma SkinSoft Facial Mask Brush (Golden Brush) this is what I use to apply my masks (other than the MILK ones) - I got it from Amazon but you can definitely find something similar in-store anywhere

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

how and when I use each product

I try to wash my face twice a day (morning and evening/night) because I tend to get a bit oily throughout the day and during the night. It's even more important to wash your face at night during the summer when you're constantly applying sunscreen.

morning skincare routine:

1. wash with Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

2. apply Mermaid Serum

3. apply Blemish Bully to any problem areas

4. Vitamin E Intense Moisture for eyes

5. H2O Hydrating Boost OR Seaweed SPF 15 Moisturizer (if I use the Tarte Moisturizer, I'll apply the Neutrogena SPF 30 over top)

evening skincare routine (I follow pretty much the same routine minus the SPF, so I won't repeat myself. Here's what I'll do if I'm exfoliating and using a mask):

1. remove any makeup with Deep Dive Cleansing Gel (if I have no makeup on, I'll skip this step)

2. (gently) exfoliate with Olehenriksen Walnut Scrub

3. exfoliate lips with Lush Lip Scrub

4. cleanse with Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

5. apply a mask (usually the La Neige Minipore and Lip masks)

6. follow the same routine as morning (Serum, Blemish Bully, Moisturize)

So yeah, that's ... it. That's my skincare routine. It's pretty simple because I don't use tons of oils or serums or treatments because, frankly, I don't understand that sh*t and I don't think my skin needs any of that (for now, anyways).

Make sure you're wearing your SPF and drinking water and washing your pillow cases and try not to touch your face.

Okay thanks bye!