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After writing out my skin story for what felt like hours, I decided it was far too long a blog post for what I had set out to write about (yeah...this ended up being sort of long, too...sorry). Originally, I wanted to just tell you about the current skincare routine I've been following that changed my skin from terrible to pretty good, and it ended up being a short novel. So, I decided to split it into two different blog posts, making it easier to find the information about my current skincare routine.

So with that being said, here's what I've been doing recently that truly changed my skin for the better.

Some background on my skin

Instead of giving you the full breakdown of my skin story, I'll just give you a bit of background information. Basically, my skin has always been relatively good. I never suffered from terrible breakouts, just the occasional pimple; my biggest issue has always been clogged pores (white and blackheads).

I'm no expert, and I've never had a professional tell me what it really is, but I typically describe my skin type as combination, and here's why:

My skin is pretty normal, but I tend to get shiny as the day goes on, and I wake up in the morning shiny in my T-zone (but it isn't overly oily). In the winter, I can get dry spots (not overly dry, and not tons of different dry patches, but I'm prone to eczema on my neck) on my cheeks and my eyelids get pretty dry.

A few months ago, my skin took a turn for the worse: my chin, jawline, cheeks, and upper-lip area broke out like they never had before. Tons and tons of small pimples, angry cystic pimples on my chin and even upper lip, and I couldn't figure out why.

I tried a new skincare routine (the full range of Tea Tree Oil products from The Body Shop) that worked for a little while, but eventually stopped working/plateaued.

After that, I had reached the point of "I'm gonna try one last thing, and if this doesn't work, I'm finding a dermatologist" because I was so unhappy and self-conscious. So, I turned to one of my favourite brands: Tarte (not spon but that would be a dream come true).

I invested in their full skincare line, got very serious about keeping a consistent routine, and it truly changed my skin for the better.

All of the Tarte products I currently use

FRXXXTION Stick 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

Mermaid Skin Hyaluronic H2O Serum

Blemish Bully Clearing Gel

Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 Setting Mist

Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

Maracuja C-Brightener Eye Treatment

Tight and Bright Clay Multimask

Other products I currently use

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Mask

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Face Mask

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask

Lush Chocolate Lips

La Neige Lip Sleeping Mask

How and when I use each product

Morning skincare routine:

1. Wash with Cleansing Gel

2. Mermaid Serum (pat gently onto face)

3. Spot treat with Blemish Bully

4. Apply ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer to eyes (gently pat with finger tips)

5. Apply Drink of H2O Moisturizer to face and neck

Evening skincare routine:

I do the same routine but apply the Setting Mist (because it can also be used just as a hydrating mist) between steps 3 and 4 (so, after spot treatment and before moisturizer).

Whenever I take a bath, I go all-in on the skincare regime:

1. Remove make-up with Cleansing Gel

2. Exfoliate with FRXXXTION Stick

3. Properly cleanse face with Cleansing Gel (usually on my Clarisonic Mia Fit)

4. Exfoliate lips with Chocolate Lips

5. This is when I use some kind of mask and LaNeige Lip Mask

6. Follow up with evening skincare routine

In the shower, I don't use a mask, but I will use the FRXXXTION stick and my Clarisonic for the cleansing step.


I don't have the exact date of when I took all of these photos, but I know I placed my first huge Sephora order of Tarte skincare on June 7th, so I'm guessing I took the photos within a day or two of that date.


Again, I don't know exactly when I took this, but there was definitely a visible difference in my skin.

After (but still during...just a bit less during than the previous during...)

Taken today - August 16th; I don't know if it makes sense to anyone but me, but my skin looks a lot better in person than on camera (I guess the photos just pick up a lot more than the mirror...lol)

Because it's summer, I also stopped wearing makeup altogether. Over the last 2-3 months, I've only worn a full face of makeup maybe five times for special occasions (where I would typically do a full beat every single day, because I hated my skin and wanted to cover it up). Now, I have 2 go-to, light makeup routines I use when I want to feel slightly more presentable (some with links):

5-minute makeup:


BB cream


Setting spray (I use this to get a natural, dewy look)

10-minute makeup:


BB cream or light foundation (sometimes I mix them)


Setting powder (use only on undereyes, cheeks to prep for blush, and chin)

Blush (I don't have a link for the one I use, I got it in a past Ipsy bag; instead, linked Tarte blushes)

Highlight (I don't have a link for the one I use, I got it in a past Ipsy bag; instead, linked a Tarte highlighter I've used before)


Setting spray

Some things I've noticed/some final thoughts:

1. The breakouts around my chin, jaw, and cheeks have cleared up sooo much. I still get some small pimples, but nothing like the cystic ones I was getting (note, I continued to get cystic pimples on my chin and upper-lip while using this regime; they only recently started to fizzle out *knock on wood*)

2. It might be hard to see in these photos, but the Blemish Bully Spot Treatment definitely dries out the skin (which isn't surprising, as it' a salicylic acid product).

3. Using the Tarte Tight and Bright mask: the "bright" part of the mask makes my skin (especially my forehead) feel AH-MAZE-ING. The softest it's ever felt, if I'm being honest, and the feeling lasts a couple of days after using the mask.

4. It's actually easier to stick to a consistent routine than I had made it out to be. If you're really serious about improving your skin, you'll do it. I think, for me to overcome my skin-care-related-commitment-issues, I had to reach a point of "I don't know what else to do anymore".

5. It actually feels amazing to not wear makeup. I've always struggled with self consciousness related to my skin, even though it's never really been that bad, so not giving a crap feels amazing. It saves me time, makeup, and my skin feels great.

6. I think the reason I'm still struggling with a lot of clogged pores is that I wear sunscreen and sit in the sun almost every day, so keep that in mind.

Now I know this was supposed to be a shorter post, and I really did try, so I'm sorry (not sorry) for how long it ended up being. But I promise it was all vital information.

Hopefully, this helped you out if you're struggling with your skin. There's hope for all of us! You just have to figure out what works for you and truly stick to it.