For those times when clients are too busy or too far away to meet in-person, our E-Design services are the perfect solution! E-Design provides a simple, cost- and time-efficient way to redecorate your space. Instead of meeting in person, we obtain information about your space so we can present you with the perfect design that suits your budget, schedule, and space requirements.

Ten steps to receiving your perfect package...

  1. Answer some questions for us using our E-Design Questionnaire

  2. We will review your form & requirements and send you a quote​ & a project proposal

  3. You love & approve our quote and put down a deposit

  4. We will ask you for any further information we may require in order to present you with the perfect design

  5. Once we have all the information we need, we will begin the design process

  6. We send you a preview that you love and approve. This preview will include:

    • a rough AutoCad floor plan (not yet labelled)

    • a labelled sample board to show you the direction of the project and how the pieces we have in mind will work together in the space

  7. You review the package & we make any last minute revisions; we receive the remaining balance owing

  8. Once the package is finalized, we send it your way! You will receive:

    • a labelled AutoCad floor plan, detailing where everything will go

    • a labelled style board, showing all of the pieces and finishes we have chosen for the design

    • a shopping list with everything you need to complete the design (this will include the retailer and information about each piece)

  9. You are now able to implement the design in your home, whenever it fits your schedule. 

  10. Send us progress pictures! We would love to see how it turned out and, with your permission, we would love to share the images (along with our planning) in our portfolio.