Hi there! I'm Lydia, the face and name behind lydiaspringer.com.

I'm 25, and I was born and raised in a small city in Northern Ontario. I'm an Interior Decorating graduate and currently live in London (Ontario) with my boyfriend, our dog and fish.

In the time we're currently living, there are many bloggers out there. I personally follow a number of them and enjoy all of the content they share. However, I find sometimes it's hard to relate to them, no matter how "normal" they may seem. That's why I want myself and my blog to be as relatable as possible. I don't shop on high street, I don't travel the world (although, does anyone, right now?), and I don't really do anything extraordinary. But I do think there's something here for everyone to enjoy! 

Please explore the rest of my website, and send me any feedback, questions, or comments via the CONTACT page.




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